Mustang Sports



Athletics and extracurricular activities play a big role in the life of a high school student.  In small schools, everyone competes for their time and talent:  basketball, volleyball, golf, track, band, drama, FBLA, FFA, jobs, family, football, wrestling…not to mention all the other school clubs and activities they are a part of.   School activities help kids learn about prioritizing things in their life and managing their time.  Getting involved in various things at school allows them to expand their interests and find out what they are good at and they like.  Learning about long term commitments  and making contributions to a team or community is another excellent benefit. School activities also help kids experience building relationships and how to act appropriately in different social settings.  Extracurricular activities also look great on college applications!  Universities look for students who are involved in things outside of just grades.  

South Border Sportsmanship Guidelines